Creative Therapeutic Interventions-Counseling for Child, Adolescents and Child Victims of Trauma in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Therapy with Laura Sanders is available to children, adolescents, families and adults seeking to heal from the effects of sexual, physical, emotional abuse and/or neglect, attachment trauma, PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), adoption difficulties, depression, addictive coping, behavior problems, and oppressions based on issues of gender, sexual identities and other diversities.

Abuse-specific therapy is victim- and survivor-centered and eclectic, combining numerous interventions from trauma and attachment theories and cognitive and behavioral models. Given the precognitive, sensory and intense nature of sexual abuse and other trauma, healing also diverges from traditional approaches in order to reach the brain, body, senses and psyche where traumatic memory is stored. These interventions, rooted in sound theory and practice protocols, include sensori-motor approaches, attachment-oriented methods, activity and movement, play, art, writing, story, metaphor and ceremony.

Laura Sanders’ therapy methods utilize a variety of modalities including individual, couples, family and group sessions, and honor how the healing process unfolds differently for each person. In the context of a solid therapeutic relationship, people learn to regulate strong emotions, increase self-compassion, honor their own survival, relieve shame and fear, enhance self-confidence, become personally empowered, increase feelings of connectedness to themselves and others, and experience more peace and joy in their daily lives.


Laura Sanders Therapy, Ann Arbor, Michigan
* Child and Adolescent Victims of Trauma
* Adults Effected by Trauma
* Children and Families with Troubled Attachment
* Families Struggling with Difficult Adoption Issues
* Abuse Reactive Children and Youth
* People Struggling with Identity Issues
* People Suffering from Discrimination and Marginalization
* Non-offending Parents
* Juvenile Offenders

Special Treatment Group for Therapists and Helping Professionals:
Laura Sanders offers a specialized therapy group to therapists and other helping professionals who work with people who have been abused, and who are also survivors of abuse or other trauma themselves. Therapy focuses on deep personal recovery and the management of the professionals’ reactions to working with traumatized people.